1. SFE Main Window

The Seismic Feature Enhancement main window GUI consists of, from top to bottom, a menubar area, a toolbar area, and a log area (see figure below).

Figure 4.1. SFE main window

SFE main window

1.1. Menubar Area

This sub-section describes the actions performed by the various menu items

1.1.1. File

NewCreates a new SFE session (shortcut Ctrl+N).
Open...Opens a previously saved SFE session (shortcut Ctrl+O). This facility allows you to restore the SFE parameters from a previously saved session. Restoring a previously saved session can take a few moments while database access is established. Note, if the stored data within the database has been modified since the session save time, then it is possible that different results may be generated following a session restore.
SaveSaves an SFE session (shortcut Ctrl+S). This allows the SFE parameters, together with information about the data used, to be saved. In this way, data can be easily reloaded and the enhanced section generated at some future date. If this is the first time that this is saved then the user will be presented with a file selector dialog for this purpose (shortcut Ctrl+S).
Save As...Saves the current SFE session under a different name. A file selector dialog will pop-up for this purpose. See "Save" above for more details.
ExitExits the SFE application.

1.1.2. Seismic

Select Data...Pops up the "Select Data" dialog which will allow you to select input and output data items for SFE processing.
Aperture Design...Pops up the "Aperture Design" dialog which will allow you to design the geometry of the aperture.
Display SeismicPops up/down a window to display original and SFE seismic sections.

1.1.3. Process

StartStarts SFE processing in preview mode. SFE seismic data will NOT be output to the database.
StartStarts SFE processing in output mode. SFE seismic data will be output to the database.
PausePauses SFE processing. Both preview and output modes.
StopStops SFE processing. Both preview and output modes.

1.1.4. Help

Quick Start...Pops up an HTML browser displaying the Quick Start document.
Program Description...Pops up web browser displaying Contents page for software user guide.
Application DiagnosticsPops up dialog allowing application diagnostics to be specified.
Website...Pops up web browser displaying the home page of ARK CLS Limited website.
About...Pops up the About SFE window.

1.2. Toolbar Area

This sub-section describes the actions performed by the various toolbars and their icons. The toolbars can be positioned in various locations within the main window top (default beneath the menu bar), left, right and bottom (above status area). Additionally, the toolbars can be moved off the main window altogether and anchored on the desktop. To move the toolbar to a new location grab the handle at one end of the toolbar by pressing and holding mouse button 1 and dragging to the new location.

1.2.1. Tools Toolbar

Shortcut for "File -> New" menu item.
Shortcut for "File -> Open" menu item.
Shortcut for "File -> Save" menu item.
Shortcut for "Seismic -> Select Data" menu item.
Shortcut for "Seismic -> Aperture Design" menu item.
Shortcut for "Seismic -> Display Seismic" menu item.
Shortcut for "Process -> Preview" menu item.
Shortcut for "Process -> Start" menu item.
Shortcut for "Process -> Stop" menu item.
Shortcut for "Process -> Pause" menu item.

1.3. Log Area

The scrollable area is used to give feedback to the User as to the status of the SFE processing. The log provides time stamped progress statements.