5. Start the SFE processing

Click the "Start" icon or click the "Start" item under the "Process" menu pulldown. Either item invokes the start of the SFE processing.

SFE processing will continue until complete, or is either paused or stopped, using the respective icons. A progress bar will appear which provides an indication of the percentage processing complete. Towards the end of SFE processing the traverse data will be written to the 3D volume. If SFE is run such that the output is to an existing 3D volume then the original traverse will be overwritten. During SFE processing you will observe in real time the result of the processing in the Seismic View window as it gradually replaces original seismic section in the bottom panel of the window. You can also run SFE in "preview" mode by clicking icon. No data will be written to the database, but you will be able to observe results of processing in the Seismic View window.