Chapter 3. Quick Start - SciQt Tutorial

Table of Contents

1. Launching SciQt and Selecting Project
1.1. Launching SciQt from OpenWorks environment (2003.12 or R5000)
1.2. Launching SciQt from GeoFrame environment
2. Selecting Data
2.1. Input Seismic
2.2. Input Well Log
3. Designing and Saving the Coloured Inversion Operator
4. Application of SciQt operator
4.1. Applying the Coloured Inversion operator

This tutorial is designed to get you up and running with the SciQt software quickly. This tutorial is split into the following sub-sections.

  1. Launching SciQt

  2. Selecting data

  3. Designing and saving the Coloured Inversion operator

  4. Applying the Coloured Inversion operator