Chapter 2. Background and Theory

Table of Contents

1. Basics
2. Benefits of Seismic Inversion
3. Inversion Limitations
4. Inversion techniques
4.1. Parametric Inversion
4.2. Coloured Inversion
4.3. Synthetic example
4.4. Real data examples
4.4.1. Comparison between Coloured Inversion and Unconstrained Sparse Spike
4.4.2. Coloured Inversion used to Improving interpretation
4.4.3. Well Planning
5. Seismic Coloured Inversion (SCI)
6. Seismic Spectral Blueing (SSB)
7. References and Acknowledgements
7.1. References
7.2. Acknowledgements

This chapter provides some background information and theory to Seismic Coloured Inversion (SCI) and Seismic Spectral Blueing (SSB). The focus of this chapter will be Seismic Coloured Inversion. However, the spectral analysis and spectral shaping techniques discussed within also apply to Seismic Spectra Blueing.